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Find It PhillyWhat you need, when you need it.

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Our celebration of those who, in the past year and the years before, made moves that shape where we’ve been, and those who, in the year ahead, will have the biggest role in determining our future.

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Addison Bay’s Biggest Clothing Collection Just Dropped and We’re Here. For. It.

The Philly activewear company’s most extensive line will be released in segments through July.

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An artist turns an early 1970s chalet into a real “experience.”

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Golden Girls-Themed Dinner Theater Makes Its Philly Debut at Craft Hall

Plus, Philly’s James Beard Award semi-finalists, a controversial Queen Village restaurant closes, an update on Good Luck Pizza Co., Art in the Age reopens and more news.

Be Well Philly

11 Philly-Area Studios Where You Can Take Meditation Classes

Take a moment to stop, breathe, and clear your mind.

Philadelphia Wedding

This Wedding Took Place Amid a Snowstorm, and It’s a Legit Winter Wonderland

The wedding party warmed their feet with a hair dryer.

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Inside Philly’s Stealth Hunts to Take Out Deer and Protect Our Parks

We haven’t destroyed deer’s habitat; we’ve perfected it. Left unchecked, the local deer population would wreak havoc on the city.

Hefujufang Men#39;s Tactical Belt Military Camouflage Style Nyl

50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Whether you want to be wowed with extravagance or are looking for a perfect plate of comfort food, here are the places giving us hope for the future.

Hyamass 2Pcs Lamp Finial 1-3/4 Inch Natural Hard Wood Ball Shape

Boycotting Russia? Don’t Worry: You Can Still Drink (Most) Vodka

The PLCB pulled all Russian-made products from its shelves on Sunday. Turns out that’s not much.

City Life

Life After Johnny Doc

How the conviction of Philly’s most infamous power broker is changing the city — for better and for worse.

Dasivrry Womens High Waisted Bikini Sexy Stripe Two Pieces Swims

Just Listed in the Poconos: Lakeside Contemporary in Pocono Lake

Well, the lake is actually just across the road, but who’s quibbling about that?

Sports Bras for Women - High Impact Sports Bra Racerback Padded

Just Listed: Renovated Split-Level in Merion Station

This handsome contemporary looks like many others out there on the Main Line. Until you enter it.

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